Yay! I’m on WordPress [and listening to Bebot by BlackEyesPeas]

[This seems like the best album cover in their whole career!]ImageAnd now since a minute has passed, Im listening to the song Black Ghosts-Full Moon (to lazy to guess that which one is the band and the song name in that)… Anyways, so yeah; my examsa re over and now I have finally left Tumblr to join WordPress. Tumblr is easy as pushing a doorbell, but the weird mixture of a feed and a blog that tumblr is–gets annoying…. Which in my opinion gives it a very unprofessional look….Don’t you think? 

NOW about me you ask? Well, i’m an amateur artist (both traditional and digital :3) And an amateur graphic designer too… So yeah, I’m all artsy artsy. But, I’m no boring douche dude, I’m funny ( no really! Jst ask my weird  friends); I play video games alot (just smoked some ‘cyborg thingy’ in Hard Reset a while ago, and then lost a match in League of Legends due to a totally n00b team 😦 ) ….And i modify the crap outta all my devices! My ipod is modded like hell and my PC is—well you’d pee your pants if you saw my PC is awesome… I love minimalism and use it everywhere, in art, on my desktop and gonna use it in my room too (if I could finally tidy it up that is).    

So if I didn’t say it before…Hi WordPress and Fellow Bloggers, How was your day!? And guys and gals, do expect some of my art and other stuff in the next few days….    

[You ave reached the end of this post! startled, eager for more or just plain Durp ; then ‘ve good news for you cuz there may be another post in 1800 seconds, that is exactly 1/2 hour ]

10 responses to “Yay! I’m on WordPress [and listening to Bebot by BlackEyesPeas]

      • Yeah Im almost the same, though, I use Shadowness and dA for only portfolio purposes (im very very active in community there though), so I’m gonna use this blog for art, life, tech and life…… and facebook for almost the same things (though, on facebook more of local friends ) … 🙂

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