Tired and Sleepy!

Yawn Yawn

Im soo sleepy right now. Yesterday night (or today… O..o), I slept at about 5am. Yeah, thats pretty late. I didnt want to sleep- early. So, I spent the night playing League of Legends with my classmates..Image

Really! Just die n00bs so that I can sleep! 

And then, browsed the paranormal page of About.com, till I started to see some really scary shit   stuff around me..


Oh Dear! Did I just hear a purr- What the F**–!

So, (another yawn,) Im very sleepy….And the world just seems to be …moving around me…


Point to Ponder Samurai Jack= Professor Utonium ?!  (not that I watch these shows now..but the resemblance is… incredible!)

[the above images are not mine, they are from mmosite.com/news and leaguememe.com respectively, Plz don’t sue me!]