The Time for Being ‘Gothic’


Gothic/steam-punk art is on my mind! And im all gothic nowadays, with my gothic/scene-ish hair and all (gotta get a new bottle of teh elixir, HairSpray too cuz water don’t work at all >_<) 

And I can’t help myself from making this: 



            [I have no idea what this is supposed to be…. a hi-tech washing machine? It just kind of ‘popped up in my head ]

Umm yeah, sorry for the huge ‘watermark’ , though it is necessary as this is a painting ‘in-progress’. The art-world isn’t free from people who ‘borrow’ (this sucks…) (if you know what I mean)  ^^

I’m planning on making more structures like this, and which may include a character too…. 


Any Suggestions?

As Your suggestions will influence the outcome of this ‘sketch’ / ‘artwork’  (‘ -‘) 


4 responses to “The Time for Being ‘Gothic’

  1. I love how you can pick up a pencil without knowing what the outcome will be – a true artist!

    When I look of this I kind of see the files of a filing cabinet (I have a very peculiar imagination – and work in an office!) Or possibly somebody’s hair through some tongs of sort!?

    • Wow thanks! You too have a really nice imagination 🙂 …. Its nice to see that in this type of art we dont have to pre-plan everything…. Just start doodling and something will work out! And yes, I finished the painting/artwork and am workin on another one right now…. These are all gonna be like- steampunk ( depicting machines and robots)….. Amd the best thing about these is that I can print them out in my home on my laserjet printer :)….
      And dorry for the typos here, I wrote this on my phone..^^

      • Well it sounds as if you have had a pretty productive evening!

        Mine has been spent perfecting (or not so much!) my blog, I am excited to have it all up and running and getting my teeth into it a little more, don’t forget to come back and visit!

      • Yeah I guess it had been quite productive! good luck with working on your blog, I see that wordpress is quite different and complex than tumblr, so not that simple to customize but with some time and work, a WP blog does ‘shine’!
        And ofcourse i’ll visit your blog again ( and again ….) too .. 😉

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