Untangling the Mess!

Which means ‘Cleaning up my Room’ !

My room, which is rarely used by me, was a mess of old paintings laying here and there, books and stuff everywhere (yeah, teenagers! Pfft) , So, today I tried to clean my room and yay! Half of the cleaning is done..Just the dusting remains…..  Though, dusting is the scary part too cuz I have had like super-sensitive skin (when i was about 6-9 year of age) when it comes to dust… Too much dust, and skin turns red.. even now it’s also quite sensitive…           Gotta take a bath after this (obviously!)


[I wish it were this simple, though i suppose the burnt furniture and blackened walls would go great with the ‘You Bet You Ass’ sign I did earlier] 

Ciao! and see ya all l8r today, when I shall (hopefully) share the completed ‘stempunk’ style art with ya’all!


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