This is how we roll!

The following video was just a sketch that I made during my ‘boring zone’ in OpenCanvas. Yeah, I use PaintToolSAi and OpenCanvas is very different for me. Hence, only a damn sketch.. But, if you interested (which you probably are) then, here’s the video of how a sketch was made in open canvas!

So, check that out! and the sketch is not a rought sketch, it’s a bit detailed..

As to Why OpenCanvas is Weird For me?

Well, as I started art using traditional mediums like oil paints, pencils and blah blah. So, when I started digital painting I used a software, namely PaintToolSAi; as this provided the same method of blending colors as oil paints. I.E. the colors merge. Phosotshop and OpenCanvas blend colors by overlapping opacities. This makes it too weird to blend colors for me and so, I only use Photoshop and OpenCanvas for photomanips and sketches.

So, to clarify, The blending in SAI:


And the blending in GIMP (which uses the same method as PhotoShop and OpenCanvas):


So there…. See you l8r!

2 responses to “This is how we roll!

  1. This is amazing!

    Unless you are opposed to the idea, I am going to feature this video in my ‘WordPress Wednesday’ blog post next week.. Basically, every Wednesday I am going to blog about something I discover on WordPress and seen as you were the first to comment on aneclectickindoflove it seems only right that you are my first Wednesday post 🙂

    (Obviously I shall link back to your site in the process…)

    • Wow thank you very very much! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ … A little promotion and ‘feature’ is always welcome…:). And yes, you are pretty amazing too, starting that nice blog of yours and starting the wednesday features… That is a great idea….

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