The Calming Waves

Hello, Im back after quite some time as the last few days were…unexpected and very hectic….So, now that im a bit free, so here’s an artwork of mine that I wanted to share with YOU! 


Titled The Beach, I made this one….like in February or something. This was the first time that I had practiced with the ‘sparkle’ effect in water (what ever it’s really called)…. So it’s not 100% accurate, but hehe is guess it’s okay for a start…Isn’t it?

So here are the details (from my Shadowness Page), as it had been on Shadowness for quite some time…..

Yay! Third in the series of impressionist waterscapes… :smile

^ Yes that is all! 


I dont know what else to write   I ma n00b at wrting long posts…   Oh well/ 

So, Ciao!


6 responses to “The Calming Waves

  1. This , and your other impressionist artworks, look nice . However, I’d like to suggest experimenting with more saturated tones and contrasting colours to make your paintings truly eye- catching(to me at least). Henri Matisse is a good artist to look at both for inspiration and ideas on how to do this.

    Anyways, it’s just a suggestion. It’s your art after all.

    • wow thanks for appreciating this…. :)…Umm I usually make my paintings darker at the edges and vibrant in the center, to make them eye catching and to grab the focus of the viewer in the center.. This painting, is atypical and is not darker at the edges…I wanted to have a more….worn out ‘beach’ poster look to it…. Though, thanks for this suggestion as Suggestions make me realize my mistakes and improve my work .. 🙂 ….And I shall check out Henri Matisse as I’m planning to make a few impressionist style paintings of birds (sharp focus)…. 🙂

      • I’m glad you didn’t take my suggestion as an offense, since many aspiring artists I’ve encountered are easily offended by critiques even when asking specifically for advice. I think the worn- out look is perfectly achieved in this picture. And don’t worry about mistakes, especially when painting in this style. First try to develop a style which anyone can instantly recognize is yours by experimenting a lot, observing the works of artists you admire and asking yourself why they paint things the way they do, and reading every tip and tutorial you can find.

        I hope my suggestion will be of use to you and if so, I’d love to see the results! 🙂

      • Yeah, being offended is quite silly as, we are making art for it’s visual beauty and if we dont hear each other out, then how can one improve? I too have seen many artists on deviantART that get very offended on any critique, infact they often group troll the one who ‘offended’ them… :O …..

        For my artworks, advice, suggestions and critiques are always welcome… :)… And thnx for liking this image…Yeah, Guess that adding a paper, scratched paper texture will complete the ‘worn out’ look..:) Yeah, i do try to devleop my distinct stule, though, Im attracted by all forms of art, I’ve done grayscale (steampunk) art, impressionism, palette knife impressionism, realism and so on……..I become bored if I only do one type of art….

  2. Yes, very calming indeed– your painting definitely produces a tranquil mood. I like the blue color scheme, and I especially like the misty shapes on the horizon. Nicely done, sir! : )

    • oh yes..yes t does…. i rarely now make the water in waters-capes blue, as blue makes them look comparatively unrealistic and dense…. a tinge of blue and reflections and white mostly works great..and preserves realism too.. 🙂

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