Completed a portrait sketch (2 days ago)!

Here it is!


Yup, I spent a few days working on this. The challenges I’ve come across while making this were, firstly, making the skin look less like stone and more like skin. This was achieved via very soft smudging of the sketch. I made her hair, very nicely (really!) but then had a better idea of a hat and so…this.

Here’s another shot of it:


Want even more details on it? well, you can see them on my Google+ page at or I’ll just paste the post here for you.

I’m not a portrait artist, and haven’t been sketching portraits for a long long time (years) . After learning new methods in creation of art both digitally and traditionally, I thought that it was a time to revisit portrait sketching; Hence I started off and created this.
Completed in a few days, this is still not officially titled, so suggestions for a title are welcome. 🙂
In this, the light source is from the whole right side of the paper. Hence, I added  details to only one side of here face, the other side is glowing brightly, thus, details are hidden.

I especially wanted to practice ‘realism’ in sketching with this; wanting to achieve photo-realism in sketching, I posit that this is a step towards the right path. If I did something wrong in this artwork, then please do critique constructively.

So this apples here too, suggest a title and critique if you must, but critique constructively…

And some closeups:



And If you can’t scan the QR Code, then here’s what it’s supposed to say

Ciao for now…

Simple and Beautiful

If you’re like me, then you don’t accept the default Windows 7 look. you tweak it, mod it and enhance it, make it minimal and artistic. Well, here’s something I did to be another step closer the near-perfect minimal desktop.

I found this:-

This is where you can download WinLaunch, a software that starts at system start-up and is just like Mac LaunchPad for Windows. I used it as I hate desktop icons and wanted a replacement. Now with this, I just have to take my mouse to the upper left corner of the screen and I’m just ‘transitioned’ to this: Image

The folders work just like iOS folders; clicking them opens them exactly like iOS folders do.


Oh yes, and you can remove a folder or an icon by holding the left mouse button on one of the elements and they start squiggling with the small cross button.

For me, it didnt work straight away, I was getting some ‘Couldn’t save you items, sorry’ errors; not using WinLaunch as a substitute for accessing ‘My Computer’ and ‘Recycle Bin’ solves this–to some extend….  I’m thinking that this problem may be local to my machine as no one else mentioned this on dA….

Try it and tell me that does it work out for you or not? ….Right?

The Aging Cracks.

Yesterday, I found this amazing image by Neelma Mumtaz on Google+ at

Yesterday #MacroMonday was trending on Google+, and although I found many amazing shots of nature, flora and fauna. But this one captured me the most, as the person who shared it considered it just another amateur shot. But I feel that a very strong message  is being conveyed via this image.. Not exactly a message but an observation. 


 I feel that the aging, dried bark in focus relates to aging process as a whole. As that, all things natural do get old and never say in their same original state— things do change…

So, Tell me that what do you think when you look at this image/

Swampy Puddle?

Hi all! it’s Sunday, and darn, my eyes are just becoming sore from sitting in front of the computer way too long. So, anyways, here’s a painting that I wanted to share with you. Created on a hard paper; I initially wanted the scene of a watch dropped in a puddle and a reflection of a person staring into it. Just coping with a leaky black paint tube, I ended up darkening the painting too much. So no reflections, sorry. Cuz, what ever color I added to lighten the dark parts, so that I can add reflective properties, the color just merged with black… Darn! 

So here it is, my ‘Master Piece’ -______-


Yup as you can see up there, there’s a watch, in a puddle… Well below is the rest of it:


So yeah, I used light green and white to ‘Save‘ the painting. I should’ve just started creating something else if it wasn’t working out.. But I’m like, once I pick up a brush I finish it… And here’s the result.

It may be too dark, but I do like the slight bluish color in the lower part of the painting. It gives some sort of reflective properties…

That’s all for now. I’ll return with a ‘real’ painting!  (^_^)


Paper is a bad surface for oil painting! A bad bad surface! So absorbent..

Another Bird in the Water

Hello there, sorry I didn’t see you there before; but since you’re hi! i’ll check out your blog too!  , and yes! thanks for checking out this post…

So well…Another Bird in the water eh? Is it a painting? Well yeah! Yes it is! 




So how is it? nice? awesome? so-so? or just plain ol’e mediocre? As RayWilliamJohnson would say:-Give your comments Below

As I mentioned on my Google+ Page that now I look back, I wish i had named it something more attractive than just ‘Second Bird Painting’; the title kinda sucks cuz I named it lazily.. Darn!




 And the painted-by-knife Sky:



You can see the other close-ups here


Ciao! for now…and see you all l8r today….bye..

So Slick!

Have you ever tried adding simple shapes to your digital paintings and see what comes up? Well, some have and coupled with ‘minimalism’, the results have been- well, Slick! 

Although, I have many a times, seen art like this on dA but my interest sparked when I came across this work of Jasper Goodall.



[Image form illusion.scene360]

I think it’s called Symbolism, but I’m not completely sure. Anyways, other similar works that I’ve seen on Pinterest are: 



….So you get the idea.  

Experimenting with this minimal use of shapes, I ended up creating my own artwork in similar style, which I use as a cover image for Facebook and Google+… 



So there, I mostly do impressionistic paintings, sometimes realism..But do expect a few minimal artworks like this form me in the near future…  ^_^



I also created another one, which I would categorize as ‘wallpaper’, who knows, maybe I’ll share that today!

The Waves

So, as you previously know that I had been practicing the art of foamy water and waves. If you haven’t seen that last one, just scroll abit down and BAM! the previoous post! ( ^_^ ) Anyways, here’s my latest one:- Image

And here are the close-ups of the awesome parts:- Image

And another one:- 


So there, I took me like…2+ hours to make this, mostly as I was abit slow and lazy that day   So I hope that you;ll like this one… 🙂 

If you wanna know more, then here are the details as posted on my Google+ page

Created it for practicing foams and ‘wave structures’. To get an understanding of ‘waves’ I searched images for foamy waves on Google Image Search. Though, no image was used for tracing, or blended into this painting.  And no specific image is referenced.  So, how does it look? And what could improve it?  

Practicing the Foams!

Hello all! ^_^ …

Yesterday, I saw this amazing artwork by an amazing artist on Google+. I noticed that she had painted the ‘foam’ in a waterscape scene, a bright color of red/orange instead of white. To me (someone who paints highlights as white), her method seemed to give a more realistic feel to the image. So I began experimenting with waterscape scenes, painting the foam as white and not-white.  So below is the first and only  image I have created.  It’s done digitally on SAI. And does not use any textures or images overlay-ed! 


So…check this out, and give me your feedback!  (^+^) 

For The Chicks….

Hi, sorry, I’ve not been updating my blog for the past few days. Well the reason is that, a few days ago, my pet chick died and I was so sad and gloomy, that internet didn’t attract me much.. I also happened to create a painting of a kingfisher (on the day my bird died) ..and  made another the next day. So..Umm here it is Image

Extract of Details from my G+

The images were taken in medium lighting conditions ( to prevent reflections off the painting)..But this caused the images (taken at ISO 400) to be a bit blurry. So these images were taken with a steady hand..and enhanced in Photoshop to lower the anomalies of camera shake. 

Images dedicated to my pet birds (chicks) chirp chirp ヽ(´ー`)┌  

So there, how you like this one, and I’ll soon be uploading the ‘Second Bird Painting’ …. 




All my series of bird paintings are dedicated to my pet birds…