For The Chicks….

Hi, sorry, I’ve not been updating my blog for the past few days. Well the reason is that, a few days ago, my pet chick died and I was so sad and gloomy, that internet didn’t attract me much.. I also happened to create a painting of a kingfisher (on the day my bird died) ..and  made another the next day. So..Umm here it is Image

Extract of Details from my G+

The images were taken in medium lighting conditions ( to prevent reflections off the painting)..But this caused the images (taken at ISO 400) to be a bit blurry. So these images were taken with a steady hand..and enhanced in Photoshop to lower the anomalies of camera shake. 

Images dedicated to my pet birds (chicks) chirp chirp ヽ(´ー`)┌  

So there, how you like this one, and I’ll soon be uploading the ‘Second Bird Painting’ …. 




All my series of bird paintings are dedicated to my pet birds…   


2 responses to “For The Chicks….

  1. Sorry to hear about your bird. I was just checking out your blog after you subscribed to mine. I have two blogs and I’m curious which posts you’re receiving, (More for my understanding for future posts.) You have some lovely paintings.

    • Thanks for checking out my paintings and my blog.. ^_^ … Yup losing pets can be a very sad experience…. I thought about creating a painting of thrm… But then again, it would keep reminding me of them….. And, ill check out and see that which blog am i subdcribed to ( as im currently
      On my ipod)…. I’ll subscribe to your other blog too… 😉

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