So Slick!

Have you ever tried adding simple shapes to your digital paintings and see what comes up? Well, some have and coupled with ‘minimalism’, the results have been- well, Slick! 

Although, I have many a times, seen art like this on dA but my interest sparked when I came across this work of Jasper Goodall.



[Image form illusion.scene360]

I think it’s called Symbolism, but I’m not completely sure. Anyways, other similar works that I’ve seen on Pinterest are: 



….So you get the idea.  

Experimenting with this minimal use of shapes, I ended up creating my own artwork in similar style, which I use as a cover image for Facebook and Google+… 



So there, I mostly do impressionistic paintings, sometimes realism..But do expect a few minimal artworks like this form me in the near future…  ^_^



I also created another one, which I would categorize as ‘wallpaper’, who knows, maybe I’ll share that today!