Zines And Art ….

Who knew that having some leftover magazines and newspapers could make such an awe-inspiring piece of art! …. At-least, I didn’t…


One just has his/her moth drooling over the size and complexity of these huge sculptures, made my the Korean artist Yun-Woo Choi …



Images from http://design-milk.com/magazine-newspaper-sculptures-by-yun-woo-choi/

Also, check out the full article and more images on that link… .  ^_^

Watercolors and Moon-light

These artworks by emperpep ( http://emperpep.deviantart.com/ ), an anime/manga artist on dA are certainly more than worth a look. The artist’s  art seemed to me like digital art, as it was too detailed and vibrant. Oil paints are often soft and yellowish, and with water-paints, I have little experience. So, now i see that water-paints can be used to create paintings that preserve the vibrancy and don’t get all dull as oil paintings ( though oil paintings have their advantages too). I can only wonder that how much time it would have taken to create a single piece….  One also, notices that although most of the paintings here  display moon-light scenes, they still are clear as day, and not dark; the details are same as one would do in a daylight scene….


( For BladeNemesis )


( Shiina and Arilyn : Surprise Hug )


( Little Yamanaka for Horo-Horo-Jo )


( Maemi for Yuko-Lee )

I so want to munch on these excellent pieces of edible art…. But then, I would be destroying art…. Adding detail with kitchen materials would surely be difficult, and one can only imagine that how time consuming would it be to create these….


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!

Here are some photos of some crafty cake creations that create a bigger picture using lots of cakes, rather than individual treats.

An edible smartphone? Why not! They’re created by Apple, after all…

This cupcake garden is beautiful! Look at the detail and how realistic the stones are!

The use of a bread stick as a paintbrush is a great touch. The palette should be brown icing!

Awwww! Nobody would say “no” to these… UPcakes. Yes, we went there.


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Being a trance/techno lover and all; I rarely listen to songs and music of the other genres. To me, trance gives me artistic influence and inspiration. But listening to this, has given me inspiration as well. Inspiration to paint something..new, something rugged…. or something classical, as old castles?


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Painting a Lady….

2 days ago, I started an oil on canvas painting on an idea that just popped up in my head at that time..Im creating more things and adding details as time passes….

I wanted to experiment with portraits as they are something, that still feel somewhat difficult me. Getting an exact expression or emotion is difficult..and an hour of painting, i came to this:


i got the ‘puzzled’ expression that I wanted, and moving on, I painted her arms differently, the extended (enjoying the rain) arm wouldn’t blend in well with the rest of her…


I wanted to a rainy scene, so I had to add slight semi-transparency; her arms may look bigger here and wider, but that is  the illusion made by the glare of the sunlight and the partially blended dark out-lines made……


yesterday, i made the rest of the left side of the background.. And yup! Its starting to look great and the elements are blending with each together one at a time..


The Invasion!

These photos may look like screen shots of some Alien Invasion movie; but they are real (no CGI) photographs by Franz Schumacher

The contrast seems nice and makes his photos lively and ‘full of life’. Furthermore, the colors don’t just contrast, the subject matter contrasts too. Above, you see darkening clouds with furious lightening; below, a calm and peaceful scene of a meadow.


Original Article | http://illusion.scene360.com/art/32996/beautiful-storm/

Im glad that I stumbled on this blog; as I found two things. Firstly, what an amazing artist. I’ve left digital paintings for a few months now and turned to traditional art more.. But this artist’s work is now telling me otherwise. Sure traditioanl art has it’s qualities of having warm and soft colors. But digital art feels real and more details can be added. I think that I will alternate between the two forms now…. And, another thing is that ‘What an amazing theme his blog has’! so futuristic and minimal; and as you may have noticed i have activated the new theme right now.. 🙂 Im off to creating a new header… 🙂

Manly Tears….

This makes me laugh whenever i watch it. its a shame that nigahiga, one on top of YouTube isn’t uploaded any new movies… it has been much time since his last one.. And the yomyomf channel wasn’t much funny at all.. so here’s the video:

I find it hilarious that how they use a common stereotype that men who weep are ‘ such pussies’.. its okay to have a tear slip away sometimes, doesn’t mean that one is ‘such a pussy’; everyone has emotions; keeping them hidden inside will only make them hurt more. They exaggerated the tendency for men to cry in this video, but still —-

Splashes of Music…

Good Morning everyone! 🙂 . I feel very fresh this morning as there was heavy rainfall almost all the night, and the cloudy, watery weather just splashes one with energy. I have taken some photos of the scenery too, and will make a new header for my blog today.. 🙂


So, Splashes of Music. The way that music affects us..is sometimes indescribable and difficult to display on a canvas or ‘encode’ the same feelings in a photograph.  So, I was naturally, very joyed to see this photograph by oO-Rein-Oo on deviantART ( http://oo-rein-oo.deviantart.com/ )..

Here, Dive Into Music


See how the dark cassette contrasts with the teal water. The effect is that they both compliment each other, and give an effect of music ‘splashing’ on your faces.. Feel it? I do!


His other photographs are very very vibrant too, and have somewhat similar effect on us.. Here are some: