Hi all, yesterday night I made an account on Gaia online. I wanted to get into heavy foruming, and so I joined GaiaOnline.. Yeah, there were forums on dA, on RedBubble etc..But GaiaOnline has one of the largest forums on the internet.


Well, I joined it and saw that it’s all inspired by Anime, has daily comics and all; avatars etc. But what bugged me was their annoying Ad placements. It was overflowing with Ads, especially in the forum threads. And here’s the one I hated the most, the iLivid Ad:


See how that Ad has covered the Forum topics! And yes, I didn’t zoom in the page; This is what it really looks like in normal formatting!


Well, still that site is awesome, and I recommend people who want to go out there and interact with people to just try this.. But don’t forget to turn ON the Adblocker ! 


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