Spreading the Word….of Eric G.C. Weets

I have been wanting to share this for quite some time, but have forgotten time and time again. Would you believe me, if I said that that the World has been missing out on a truly stellar piece of art, created by an aging artist, and has taken as of yet 56 years (and counting) to create? No? Well, as part of a community on Google+, consisting of a great many artists. We found the profile of Eric G.C. Weets ( here https://plus.google.com/116397728655683676966/about ) ( run by Filomina Pawar on his behalf).


He has created a true masterpiece, which took him 56 years to create. Titled ’90 days from B to C’ is a huge painting measuring 182 x 487 cm. One cannot post this as a single image, so here, it is divided into tiles and some of them are displayed as follows ( images from Eric G.C.Weets G+ page )

( from here https://plus.google.com/116397728655683676966/posts/VB5C7rQdxmT )


Divided into fragments:


Details of fragments:



So as you can see, is this amazingly complex or what?!

In Eric G.C.Weet’s own words:

I have tried to capture on canvas, with deep meditation and understanding the subconscious, the evolution of creative mind, beginning from the cave man – working the walls of his caves to the modern, contemporary, conceptual artist of today, without letting my own ego interfere in the process

And his profile on G+ states

I am dyslexic and because the problems I had with the teachers in primary school, made that most probably, I prefer drawing to writing, right from my childhood. So over the years, I developed a visual language of my own subconsciously, which led to the unique art works that I make today.

In conclusion, i would like to say that Spread the Word, so that the world knows about this; so that he can get the true recognition he deserves.


You can also catch his regular Hangouts on his Google+ page, where he paints Live!



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