Coffee vs Tea…

So which one is it guys/gals, Coffee or Tea? That is, what do you love to start you day with and lose all the morning sleepiness…. 

Well, I’ll start off with what coffee does to me: 


Well, it has literally no effect on me. Nothing. It tastes way better than tea, and is alot more yummy if it has a creamy top. But, man, I sometimes even get more sleepy and my head hurts if I drink coffee; and that’s just the normal coffee. Having dark coffee would just blow my brains out…


Now  About  Tea:


Oh tea, Oh my my…. Tea makes me more sleepy than active. And man, does it’s after-taste still remains for like a hour or so…. Unlike coffee, I can drink one after another, but it makes me sleepy and hot. Not hot! in that way, but makes my insides very warm especially in summer. And this sucks…alot!


So what works out best for me? well, cold coffee…and cold coffee! it tastes way better than milk-shakes and hot tea or coffee! and the creamy ones are just out of this world! 



So what works out for  you?



6 responses to “Coffee vs Tea…

  1. I don’t drink coffee at all, I especially can’t, since I’ve got ADHD and coffee just makes me fall asleep faster than you can say jiggle. As for tea, I love tea but I don’t drink it everyday, I drink when I’m really restless and/or hurt/sick. Tea soothes inside me, and calms me down. Some tea don’t make me sleepy cause some tea are normal, but some do have caffeine, which is sucks- Big time. 🙂 but good sharing 🙂

    • oh..sorry; yeah both tea and coffee make me sleepy too.. I’m thinking of getting Energy Drinks when I want to stay up late for preparing for an exam or something.. But I also heard that Energy Drinks are pretty harmful.. I seem to get tea alot, but I’m really wanting to change the tea routine, as too much tea may be bad for my gums ( they are a bit weak as I had braces before…now they’re off though)

      • Energy drinks are indeed harmful, only if you drink too much of it. It does contains chemical that we wouldn’t want in our body. As I cannot drink coffee, I cannot drink Energy Drinks also, due to it crashes me badly, I would shake so hard, and become really paranoid for about 15 mins or so, then crashes really bad. I got to steer clear from it. What I do to keep myself refresh and awake while I crams for studying, or exams, when I starts get the feeling of antsy or restless, I get up and go outside for a fresh air, sometime I stop for an hour, doing something else then get back to it. It works wonder for me.

      • hmm yeah; I heard rumors mostly, that it causes the body to releasr adrenaline; hence the ‘jumpi-ness’ felt after energy drinks…. so, obviously it will have the same side-effects as Adrenaline; headaches..etc… Hmm, thats weird, so it seems like nothing much works out for you; not tea, nor coffee and Energy Drinks.. yes, a fresh air is sometimes better than these drinks. Sometimes a person may also have an upset stomach and one cant drink anything at that time… some fresh air or a quick shower may work nicely.. 🙂

      • cool…. I guess i should wake up that I can start my day with a nice walk…. I usually wake up too late in holidays…like 12 AM..which sucks..

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