Splashes of Music…

Good Morning everyone! ūüôā . I feel very fresh this morning as there was heavy rainfall almost all the night, and the cloudy, watery weather just splashes one with energy. I have taken some photos of the scenery too, and will make a new header for my blog today.. ūüôā


So, Splashes of Music. The way that music affects us..is sometimes¬†indescribable¬†and difficult to display on a canvas or ‘encode’ the same feelings in a photograph. ¬†So, I was naturally, very joyed to see this photograph by¬†oO-Rein-Oo¬†on deviantART (¬†http://oo-rein-oo.deviantart.com/¬†)..

Here, Dive Into Music


See how the dark¬†cassette¬†contrasts with the teal water. The effect is that they both compliment each other, and give an effect of music ‘splashing’ on your faces.. Feel it? I do!


His other photographs are very very vibrant too, and have somewhat similar effect on us.. Here are some:



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