“I looked for her,
and did not find her,
but instead created her”

I feel that this is what Art is about – Dreamscapes.

The Blue Hour

I looked for her on the rooftops of Brooklyn,
the makeshift balconies of Manhattan,
and the subway in between.

On the mountaintops of Spain,
the dirty pubs of Dublin,
and every European train.

On southern country roads,
and the foothills of Tennessee,
and a lake house preserving childhood dreams.

In the classrooms of philosophers and mystics,
the offices of scholars,
and the garden of a Buddhist.

In a home painted yellow,
behind an ill-fitting apron,
and white picket fence.

In the cramped apartments of men who wrote,
and drank,
and beneath the sheets of those who understood.

On the folded pages of library books,
the texture of painted canvas,
and the sound of piano keys.

I looked for her through my bedroom window,
barefoot and hardly clothed,
not lonely, but alone.

I looked for her,
and did not find her,
but instead, created her.

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~Dreamy Bed~


Hi, all I recently tried something different. to practice the artistic ‘feel’ in parallel lines. Best useable in an ‘unfinished’ painting. So here, the The Transcendental Bed ….

You can also check it out at my Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ibraryunus?ref=tn_tnmn

©2013 ~ Ibrar Yunus [ZodiarkDarkja on deviantART]
Oil on Primed Paper
December 2012“What to write here? well, I have this beautiful painting out of the scanner now, and in my hands. And now I’m thinking ‘ where to start’. It is sometimes unusual that how we we unable to describe our own paintings. Well, here’s a start:
The normal viewer sees a bed; a somewhat stylized bed. I have had been practicing with cross-hatching and the artistic power of parallel lines, but had only limited them to the crisp white paper of my sketchbook.
Now, I practiced these with oil paints too, and these give a rather unique feel to the viewer. Separate from what is displayed on my sketchbook. An easier interpretation would be ‘more dreamy’ perhaps. So, YES! this is ‘the’ emotive bed. How I see the morning, the pale yellow- young amber rays. Cracking me out from the shell of my dream- Pulling em back from the Astral into this ‘Reality’. The yellowish tints in this give me the feeling of dizziness- even a little annoying. Like I have just woken up.
I could go on and on about the yellow in this. But, alas! Lets move on to the folds. The folds of the bed.
I admit that I made the folds as a challenge. A plain bed would’ve been quite easy, but more ‘impressionistic’. But I am happy with these folds; reflecting the moment- the first light.
The Abstraction- This is the power of parallel lines ( beneath the bed), Incomplete- Rapidly Changing. Time is creating the next scene. Hence, I could not use the whole paper.

This concludes my basic interpretation of my artwork. I urge the viewer and the art enthusiast to not be limited my words- Feel free to interpret it as you like.”