Anglerfish are Creepy – II

Anglerfish are Creepy - II

Yup, just made it now, and sharing it everywhere. Making more and more people soil their pants ( most probably) and making for them difficult to sleep at night.
Here’s whats actually an element to put in my fan-art of Fizz from League of Legends. But it really does look good as an artwork on it’s own.

So why the ‘ II ‘; this is actually the second one I made, the first one I shall be sharing soon. Like ‘today’ soon…
Do checkup on my blog later for more artsy stuff //

Good Ol’e Bigass Magnet!

Good Ol'e Bigass  Magnet!

Found this real classy comment on the League of Legends forums while searching for way to copy the game to another PC without that annoying re-patch.

Things that go Bump- in the Night

As time was being a bitch and crawled on, just a few more hours to my holidays; I had decided to watch a movie before my Final Paper (exam). And I ended up watching Dark Skies.

eap, up there’s the poster. Seems so epic-ly mysterious. The film isn’t really stellar though; plot holes abound and some sound problems ( the ‘Father’ had really bass-y voice,  maybe it were just those speakers). It still scared the shit out of me, but quite weirdly, after a day.
Hint Hint –> It’s about those aliens. Specifically Gray ones. n( yup, the same ones you watched on Discovery Channel). I really don’t know, but there’s something about them that spokes me. 
I really out of the phase, when ghosts ( and thins alike ) scared me. But if i see something similar to that alien face. BAM! Instant Heart-rate increase. 
Perhaps, it has to do with their humanoid appearance. As many others, clowns seems creepy to me too. And unlike many others, Killer Klowns From Outer Space ( ), wasn’t that much funny to me; Gave me shivers till the end.  
Just take a look at the poster….Now imagine, waking up to this ‘thing’ standing right beside your bed. Image


Feelin screwed now?

It’s 4 AM and I just can’t stop peekin at the slightly ajar door every once in a while. 

It’s Blog sharing Time

The Rouge Students



In my search of Art on the internet. I stumbled on something quite different. Art does not drive that blog, but literature.

Yes, this seems to be getting abit off-topic here, but don’t doze-off my fellows. As you would not be bored, especially those who are somewhat local to my area.
So, you’re there now? Yes?  For a mix of subjects. Many of the posts initially being related to the latest Pakistani Election and the state of voting system. Aside from politics, there is philosophy. Question and Curiosity – surely question the present.
Created by a friend of mine, Xain Shah, who is quite talented in what he does; one will certainly find more and more posts there that encourages critical thought process.


Oh! And since my Exams are over, I shall share loads and loads of Art.