Things that go Bump- in the Night

As time was being a bitch and crawled on, just a few more hours to my holidays; I had decided to watch a movie before my Final Paper (exam). And I ended up watching Dark Skies.

eap, up there’s the poster. Seems so epic-ly mysterious. The film isn’t really stellar though; plot holes abound and some sound problems ( the ‘Father’ had really bass-y voice,  maybe it were just those speakers). It still scared the shit out of me, but quite weirdly, after a day.
Hint Hint –> It’s about those aliens. Specifically Gray ones. n( yup, the same ones you watched on Discovery Channel). I really don’t know, but there’s something about them that spokes me. 
I really out of the phase, when ghosts ( and thins alike ) scared me. But if i see something similar to that alien face. BAM! Instant Heart-rate increase. 
Perhaps, it has to do with their humanoid appearance. As many others, clowns seems creepy to me too. And unlike many others, Killer Klowns From Outer Space ( ), wasn’t that much funny to me; Gave me shivers till the end.  
Just take a look at the poster….Now imagine, waking up to this ‘thing’ standing right beside your bed. Image


Feelin screwed now?

It’s 4 AM and I just can’t stop peekin at the slightly ajar door every once in a while. 

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