This is ‘Me’, now what about ‘You’? [About]

Hey hi there, it’s me.. Ibrar! Don’t know me?!  O.o  Well, now you do!

I, Ibrar Yunus, am an amateur digital and traditional artist. I love art, minimalism and design. I also an avid gamer who is in love with Trance Music! (Yes, Armnin Van Burren, I’m pointing my finger towards you!) ..I have gothic-ish hair and love my style no matter what people say. Ummm, what more….I’m just waiting for my pic to upload so….so there..

A quote form the (teh) Ibrar Yunus:

“You Bet Thy Ass  I’m an Artist!”

and yeah you can find me



And here:-

It rly is me!


44 responses to “This is ‘Me’, now what about ‘You’? [About]

  1. hey your blog ..i mean your work …your art are really really awesome and i reli liked it…keep it.up..i too love arts but don’t know….and ya i will visit your blog from now onward and so you help me to…okay….

    n ya thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting…now i am following you..your blog…

    • wow! many many thanks! :3 hehe, it only takes a bit practice and then you start enjoying art and it gets better with time…. 🙂 And I’m so happy that I have a follower ^^! I’ll follow you too, as you are also a very nice and interactive person….

      • my pleasure!…n ya thank you so much for following me as well..and ya i really want to learn arts..i mean practice ….so help me to start with please…give me some guide line as how to start…

      • ok..So what is your current interest in art? have you done water paints, oil paints, sketching (with only a single color)? hmm, if you do sketching then of whta type? smooth shading, hatching and cross-hatching (this technique is rare, though, i’ll be doing a blog post today about this art technique, do chick that out if you are interested in cross hatching) ? I need a bit info, and then I’ll be able to guide you to improving your art quite rapidly, actually.. 🙂

      • to be frank i am interested in but i didn’t do any ..i just do some kiddish drawing lol…it’s that i have interest in arts, music, playing sports, cycling , computer but the problem i i can’t concentrate on what i am interested in ..may be because since i a student i get lots of assignments, projects, i don’t get time to do all these things..and i am thinking once i am done with my graduation i would spare my time to practice all these things and master it..and ya for the art class i am going to follow your blog…and hope it will help me…and thank you so much for all your supports…take care…

      • Oh! then i suggest that whatever ‘direction’ of art that you have explored, you should keep going in that direction (other than doing all of something); if you like sketching then I suppose that you should practice that/ try still-life’s using references (they are quite easy and are great for practice. Hmm, I’m a student too…Just had my Alevels last week..hehe (and it was quite difficult ^^) …..Try to concentrate on art, if it doesnt work out then maybeyou may be more interested in music..cycling etc…… Do stuff which you like, forget peer pressure…. Live your life the way you want

    • Lol! Thnx for checking out my page… Ill check out yours too… My name really is Ibrar ^^… I live in South Asia… And ‘Ibrar’ or ‘Abrar’ are real names there…. 😉

  2. Hi Ibrar, thank you for visiting and following musicologistblog! Thank you for reblogging the song of the day . It was gratifying that you got inspiration from the song of the day to paint something new and different. Musicologistblog loves art as well. Hope to see some more cool art work from you.

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