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In my search of Art on the internet. I stumbled on something quite different. Art does not drive that blog, but literature.

Yes, this seems to be getting abit off-topic here, but don’t doze-off my fellows. As you would not be bored, especially those who are somewhat local to my area.
So, you’re there now? Yes?  For a mix of subjects. Many of the posts initially being related to the latest Pakistani Election and the state of voting system. Aside from politics, there is philosophy. Question and Curiosity – surely question the present.
Created by a friend of mine, Xain Shah, who is quite talented in what he does; one will certainly find more and more posts there that encourages critical thought process.


Oh! And since my Exams are over, I shall share loads and loads of Art.

Got into Computer Science! and abit busy…. o_o

So finally this weekend I’ve stayed up long enough to login to WordPress and write something worthwhile..,, Really, I being a day scholar just couldnt set a timetable for last few weeks and just came home and collapsed on the bed everyday……..

then there’s a present YouTube ban in the country  that is affecting all other Google services, so cant access my pals on Google= too… 😦  ..seems really weird and different to me……

So, i just tried DailyMotion and was surprised to see that its somewhat faster than you-tube ..perhaps the servers are nearer to me or less ‘loaded’ … Here’s what im watching right now…enjoy… 🙂


Rare Music….

My followers, you know me right.. I love Trance Music; i listen to it all the time. I love to party to it,. But no matter how much of an Armin Van Buuren fan I might be; I still like some of those ‘other music’ …. Here’s what I’m listening to as I write this post…. Enjoy this lovely song… 

Im glad that I stumbled on this blog; as I found two things. Firstly, what an amazing artist. I’ve left digital paintings for a few months now and turned to traditional art more.. But this artist’s work is now telling me otherwise. Sure traditioanl art has it’s qualities of having warm and soft colors. But digital art feels real and more details can be added. I think that I will alternate between the two forms now…. And, another thing is that ‘What an amazing theme his blog has’! so futuristic and minimal; and as you may have noticed i have activated the new theme right now.. 🙂 Im off to creating a new header… 🙂

Manly Tears….

This makes me laugh whenever i watch it. its a shame that nigahiga, one on top of YouTube isn’t uploaded any new movies… it has been much time since his last one.. And the yomyomf channel wasn’t much funny at all.. so here’s the video:

I find it hilarious that how they use a common stereotype that men who weep are ‘ such pussies’.. its okay to have a tear slip away sometimes, doesn’t mean that one is ‘such a pussy’; everyone has emotions; keeping them hidden inside will only make them hurt more. They exaggerated the tendency for men to cry in this video, but still —-

Impossible and Unimaginable Colors…

Tempted by the thought that birds have more cones in their eyes than us, so they may be seeing colors that we cannot even process; so I flipped out my iPod and started a search to find some mention of these impossible colors, and I found a great article on Wikipedia  and some interesting posts on forums.

Before saying more, I want to mention an important and interesting tidbit; one of these impossible colors is this:

Image )

Yes, PINK!; when we add red and white, pink seems to be formed but the brain processes it as a combination of red and blue/violet. This snap from adds detail as:

When you take the line of colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet – It doesn’t make a complete circle. There’s a gap where infra red and ultra violet fall – Colors that our eyes can’t see.  Do you understand the problem?  The point where red and violet mix, creating our beloved pink, CANNOT BE SEEN! They don’t overlap!

So, moving on to the colors that the brain could not process in normal conditions . But there is a way to see some of them ( though everyone may not see these, but worth a try..:) )

Combine red and green and one gets the result as murky brown. But, red and green also combine to form a new color. Color that is both red and green at the same time ( not easy to explain though..)

And combine blue and yellow, and instead of green there is also a seemingly unimaginable color that is both blue and yellow at the same time..!

Some may see these colors by crossing their eyes and stare at the crosses, so that they lie on top of each other; the resultant may be the impossible color ( only some may see it, others may only see a shimmer- unfortunately i just saw yellow shimmering on blue.. 😦 ).

[People with Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy, PLEASE DONT TRY THIS]


[People with Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy, PLEASE DONT TRY THIS]

Seems kinda cool doesn’t it! Though, having only three cones makes creating Art

As the music plays….

AS the music plays in the background, a sudden though pops in my mind. ‘What to do with this ‘shade’ thing that I found in a decor store..

shall i paint it?or shall i just leave it just as it is.. in it’s natural woody color….?  originally wanted to paint it orange so that I can have it look like a Chinese lamp, but I am out of any spray paints that I had. I’m left with my trusty old oil paints, water paints, poster paints and emulsion paints. Emulsion paints may give a vibrant color to it, but i fear that they will be too heavy. will ruin my brushes and the thick drops of paints will condense, giving a messy look…… So, shall I paint it orange with my oil paints?Image