Yay! I’m on WordPress [and listening to Bebot by BlackEyesPeas]

[This seems like the best album cover in their whole career!]ImageAnd now since a minute has passed, Im listening to the song Black Ghosts-Full Moon (to lazy to guess that which one is the band and the song name in that)… Anyways, so yeah; my examsa re over and now I have finally left Tumblr to join WordPress. Tumblr is easy as pushing a doorbell, but the weird mixture of a feed and a blog that tumblr is–gets annoying…. Which in my opinion gives it a very unprofessional look….Don’t you think? 

NOW about me you ask? Well, i’m an amateur artist (both traditional and digital :3) And an amateur graphic designer too… So yeah, I’m all artsy artsy. But, I’m no boring douche dude, I’m funny ( no really! Jst ask my weird  friends); I play video games alot (just smoked some ‘cyborg thingy’ in Hard Reset a while ago, and then lost a match in League of Legends due to a totally n00b team 😦 ) ….And i modify the crap outta all my devices! My ipod is modded like hell and my PC is—well you’d pee your pants if you saw my PC is awesome… I love minimalism and use it everywhere, in art, on my desktop and gonna use it in my room too (if I could finally tidy it up that is).    

So if I didn’t say it before…Hi WordPress and Fellow Bloggers, How was your day!? And guys and gals, do expect some of my art and other stuff in the next few days….    

[You ave reached the end of this post! startled, eager for more or just plain Durp ; then ‘ve good news for you cuz there may be another post in 1800 seconds, that is exactly 1/2 hour ]