Created by Ibrar Yunus [ Spiffy ]
Digital Paints
Titled as Dystopia ( Dark state, environmental-urban deterioration), a total of 3 and a half hours were spent in completing this digital painting. As always I used PaintToolSAI for this, as I wanted blending to be natural (as oil paints are). The idea for this came, after I came across a selective color painting by some artist on Facebook; his/her painting also used purple palette and I felt a sense of ‘royal’ and ‘dream-like’ feelings being emitted by that. Perhaps the fixed emotion ( not happy nor sad ) contributed to some extend to this, but the contrasting background (dark purple behind right purple) promoted this. So moving on, I chose ‘blending’ over ‘contrast’ as it gives ‘softness’ to the painting; even when bright or very dull colors are used. In my paintings i have noticed that colors them selves dont make a painting bright or dull; but they are relative on each other, a painting that uses very bright colors can appear very dull indeed, if the palette doesnt use any contrast.
The ‘figurative’ and ’emotional’ nature of this painting tell us about ones need to go out once in a while and ponder over the apparent darkness of a busy/crowded/mechanized place. This does not mean that darkness exists everywhere, but the thoughts of a ‘young’ mind about one’s survival in the ‘Practical World’. A scene depicting the time of the dawn is shown, as this is the time when the cold breeze brushes against you and one is fresh and ready to go out and then stop! ‘think about whats more to come?’. The butterfly depicts hope, and works as to counter the darkness of the city behind and the painting itself. The orbs add to the lightness of the sky (even though the sky is ‘in’ the background); this is a visual indication that ‘don’t look down and be frightened, keep your hopes high, look up! up at the bright sky; there are surely better things to come!’

As √Čtoile Bleue, the shades of purple here show ‘dream-like’ presence.

This concludes the detail analysis by the Artist himself. You are welcome to interpret this in your own way. ūüôā

Painting a Lady….

2 days ago, I started an oil on canvas painting on an idea that just popped up in my head at that time..Im creating more things and adding details as time passes….

I wanted to experiment with portraits as they are something, that still feel somewhat difficult me. Getting an exact expression or emotion is difficult..and an hour of painting, i came to this:


i got the ‘puzzled’ expression that I wanted, and moving on, I painted her arms differently, the extended (enjoying the rain) arm wouldn’t blend in well with the rest of her…


I wanted to a rainy scene, so I had to add slight semi-transparency; her arms may look bigger here and wider, but¬†that is¬†¬†the illusion made by the glare of the sunlight and the partially blended dark out-lines made……


yesterday, i made the rest of the left side of the background.. And yup! Its starting to look great and the elements are blending with each together one at a time..



Completed a portrait sketch (2 days ago)!

Here it is!


Yup, I spent a few days working on this. The challenges I’ve come across while making this were, firstly, making the skin look less like stone and more like skin. This was¬†achieved¬†via very soft smudging of the sketch. I made her hair, very nicely (really!) but then had a better idea of a hat and so…this.

Here’s another shot of it:


Want even more details on it? well, you can see them on my Google+ page at¬†https://plus.google.com/110691827763571631843¬†or I’ll just paste the post here for you.

I’m not a portrait artist, and¬†haven’t¬†been sketching portraits for a long long time (years) . After learning new methods in creation of art both digitally and traditionally, I thought that it was a time to revisit portrait¬†sketching; Hence I started off and created¬†this.
Completed in a few days, this is still not officially titled, so suggestions for a title are welcome. ūüôā
In this, the light source is from the whole right side of the paper. Hence, I added  details to only one side of here face, the other side is glowing brightly, thus, details are hidden.

I especially wanted to practice ‘realism’ in sketching with this; wanting to achieve¬†photo-realism¬†in sketching, I posit that this is a step towards the right path. If I did something wrong in this artwork, then please do critique constructively.

So this apples here too, suggest a title and critique if you must, but critique¬†constructively…

And some closeups:



And If you can’t scan the QR Code, then here’s what¬†it’s supposed to say¬†http://www.redbubble.com/people/zodiarkdarkja

Ciao for now…

Holy Crap RAY! And Lollipop Chainsaw?!

Yeah, watched this recent video of RWJ (RayWilliamJohnson) and man, was this his best video ever or not…..something that has Fenton, Cheeze-Burger and Sponge-Bob(ble) in one video is¬†awesome¬†or what!

So What (the heck) am I talking about? Well this! 

I wonder why he titles it as [Hi Norway]

Any wh^$# way, browsing the Machinima channel led me to this:- 

Well, this is kinda new (and weird) as, it is both very bloody and gory and sparkly and flower-y ..Well, this IS a unique combination….. But, I bet hardcore gamers wont probably play this….. (Or will they..eh? ÔľąÔŅ£„ÉľÔŅ£ÔľČ)

PS. I’ll share something new tomorrow……¬†Impressionism¬†….

I Present, The Lady Steam-Punk

Hi all, what up folks! 

The artwork that I described in the previous post (that I had started working on) had been complete for a day now. Sorry i forgot to upload it here (hehe), cuz yesterday I was so…busy in printing it out and getting my ass killed¬†beaten in League of Legends due to a n00b team (ugh!). Damn you n00bies! ¬† ¬†

So, here it is, the one and only (Applause….or not); the (teh!) Lady Steam Punk [alternately named ‘In Dirt]


So here’s the¬†in-detail¬†description from my Shadowness page_

Hi everyone! Sorry I have uploaded something after a while, due to my exams and all..hehe..but anyways, i started experimenting the last few days with black and white Gothic style ( steam-punk?) art. One reason being that I wanted something that I could print instantly and hang up on my wall (because I have a gray-scale laser-jet printer ..yet). So here, i started off to make something that looks gives us the surrealistic feel of technology, of machines and so. And so some extent, inspired by the art in the movie Metropolis ( Tezuka’s), I created this. It shows the ‘urban deterioration’ , the darkness, the dirt and congested machinery. It is what i describe as ‘The Beauty of Corruption’


To get a full resolution print of it, visit my RedBubble store at¬†http://www.redbubble.com/people/zodiarkdarkja, the image will be available there shortly. The font used for the title will change, as the font currently used is for personal use only…. Many thanks! [ So plz just get a damn print! ^^]


I¬†created¬†another artwork in the way ‘way’ ….. I like that one alot too, as that one is kinda very emotional! (sob sob) ( “~”) ¬†[hint, it has a robot]..


Oh darn, I’ll have¬†to¬†print it out again, as the old print incidentally got ‘folded’ ….


Here’s what I do!

[this is one ‘perspective’ of it]


1800 seconds have passed and here I am again. Thankyou! 

In the last post i mentioned¬†that¬†I make art; and here’s a ‘snippet’ of some of that. It’s made with a knife and no ¬†¬†¬†brushes. And yes¬†I too¬†love the rain effect!¬†

I shared it on Google+ about….2 months ago I guess. So here’s the indetail¬†description¬†of it: [copied from my G+ page that is]¬†

“Seeing the works of Leonid Afremov quite moved me to…experiment with palette knives. Unfortunately, due to my less than tidy room (teenagers…ugh!), I couldn’t find my palette knife; So, I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started off! hmm, then there was another problem, I didnt have any canvas free for practicing this new technique, but I did find a few old CD Covers that I had left aside for something creative. So, I painted on them; With a knife! (and turpentine/(kerosene?) oil, a box of oil colors, and some newspapers so that my dining table wouldn’t get all splattered with oils paints )..

So this is the first painting with this technique; its my first experimentation with knife art. Stay tuned for more!”

So yeah, that pretty much sums this post up. Sorry I copied the details from my G+ page , as, it would to awfully boring to write all that again…¬†And what did I learn form making this paintng?¬†==> Dark Green is¬†awesome¬†for reflections!

Before I say Ciao for now, here’s another pic of it..Enjoy!


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