Spreading the Word….of Eric G.C. Weets

I have been wanting to share this for quite some time, but have forgotten time and time again. Would you believe me, if I said that that the World has been missing out on a truly stellar piece of art, created by an aging artist, and has taken as of yet 56 years (and counting) to create? No? Well, as part of a community on Google+, consisting of a great many artists. We found the profile of Eric G.C. Weets ( here https://plus.google.com/116397728655683676966/about ) ( run by Filomina Pawar on his behalf).


He has created a true masterpiece, which took him 56 years to create. Titled ’90 days from B to C’ is a huge painting measuring 182 x 487 cm. One cannot post this as a single image, so here, it is divided into tiles and some of them are displayed as follows ( images from Eric G.C.Weets G+ page )

( from here https://plus.google.com/116397728655683676966/posts/VB5C7rQdxmT )


Divided into fragments:


Details of fragments:



So as you can see, is this amazingly complex or what?!

In Eric G.C.Weet’s own words:

I have tried to capture on canvas, with deep meditation and understanding the subconscious, the evolution of creative mind, beginning from the cave man – working the walls of his caves to the modern, contemporary, conceptual artist of today, without letting my own ego interfere in the process

And his profile on G+ states

I am dyslexic and because the problems I had with the teachers in primary school, made that most probably, I prefer drawing to writing, right from my childhood. So over the years, I developed a visual language of my own subconsciously, which led to the unique art works that I make today.

In conclusion, i would like to say that Spread the Word, so that the world knows about this; so that he can get the true recognition he deserves.


You can also catch his regular Hangouts on his Google+ page, where he paints Live!


The Surreal Emotions


Yes, just stay..thats what I titles my second artwork made in the same way as my previous artwork (the girl in the machines thingy)…. It starteed as a doodle (as all of my artwork pfft) ..and then it got pretty serious..I ended up created something that was in the back of my mind for quite some time. Draw art that defines the ‘feeling’ of robots and machines.. (and this all started when I first watched Tezuka’s Metroporisu, yeah, Tezuka, you awesome awesome dude!)…..So, here it is…….. Stay


Haha, this time I wont copy the details from Shadowness, but do the opposite..yes, I have uploaded it here first.. Just for YOU ppl [not you, but youuuuu] 


I have had wanted to make an artwork that describes the feeling/emotions of robots. This was to much extend influenced by the films of the great person, Tezuka. Especially his film Metroporisu which is very special to me (and in the number 1 spot in my fav movie list) ^^. The artwork above describes a sad robot who has an arm missing, and is holding a balloon in his other hand ( or something) …. A cat then comes and sits with the robot, as it is curious of this machinery. So, the sad robot wants the cat to ‘Stay’ with him, and not go away, as it will then again be ‘lonely’ and sad..  The steampunk/monochrome style was used to compliment the feel/emotions in this scene by a great amount. Hope you like this one… 🙂

So there, and Reblog it if you like!  🙂

This image will be available on my Shadowness and my Redbubble Store shorty, so that you can buy a high quality (full reslution) print from there…