Anglerfish are Creepy – II

Anglerfish are Creepy - II

Yup, just made it now, and sharing it everywhere. Making more and more people soil their pants ( most probably) and making for them difficult to sleep at night.
Here’s whats actually an element to put in my fan-art of Fizz from League of Legends. But it really does look good as an artwork on it’s own.

So why the ‘ II ‘; this is actually the second one I made, the first one I shall be sharing soon. Like ‘today’ soon…
Do checkup on my blog later for more artsy stuff //


Good Ol’e Bigass Magnet!

Good Ol'e Bigass  Magnet!

Found this real classy comment on the League of Legends forums while searching for way to copy the game to another PC without that annoying re-patch.

Tired and Sleepy!

Yawn Yawn

Im soo sleepy right now. Yesterday night (or today… O..o), I slept at about 5am. Yeah, thats pretty late. I didnt want to sleep- early. So, I spent the night playing League of Legends with my classmates..Image

Really! Just die n00bs so that I can sleep! 

And then, browsed the paranormal page of, till I started to see some really scary shit   stuff around me..


Oh Dear! Did I just hear a purr- What the F**–!

So, (another yawn,) Im very sleepy….And the world just seems to be …moving around me…


Point to Ponder Samurai Jack= Professor Utonium ?!  (not that I watch these shows now..but the resemblance is… incredible!)

[the above images are not mine, they are from and respectively, Plz don’t sue me!]