Advanced Oil Painting Mediums

See here for some advanced Oil Painting Mediums and Recipes.

I shall go with Damar Varnish with Linseed/Walnut ( Why Walnut? IDK, just wanted to mimic the European Renaissance Artists – lets see what happens) binder and Turpentine as solvent.
The ‘glossiness’ and ability to retain color  is not much to my concerns; But just a means to protect the yellowed and dulled layer of paint from dust and scratches.
I do love how a painting painted with Linseed Oils only, darkens and dulls over the decades ( though can be re-lightened in sunlight). It seems to give the painting more grace and ‘importance’ in my opinion.
I have been ignoring the ‘Fat over Lean’ Oil:Pigment ratio rule for  some time now, I shall try to correct myself in the very next painting.


“Painting media from various recent manufacturers”  ~                                            

Soluvar final varnish, glossy and very weather-resistant. A superior choice for protecting the finished painting. ~                                                                                   



As the music plays….

AS the music plays in the background, a sudden though pops in my mind. ‘What to do with this ‘shade’ thing that I found in a decor store..

shall i paint it?or shall i just leave it just as it is.. in it’s natural woody color….?  originally wanted to paint it orange so that I can have it look like a Chinese lamp, but I am out of any spray paints that I had. I’m left with my trusty old oil paints, water paints, poster paints and emulsion paints. Emulsion paints may give a vibrant color to it, but i fear that they will be too heavy. will ruin my brushes and the thick drops of paints will condense, giving a messy look…… So, shall I paint it orange with my oil paints?Image

Here’s what I do!

[this is one ‘perspective’ of it]


1800 seconds have passed and here I am again. Thankyou! 

In the last post i mentioned that I make art; and here’s a ‘snippet’ of some of that. It’s made with a knife and no    brushes. And yes I too love the rain effect! 

I shared it on Google+ about….2 months ago I guess. So here’s the indetail description of it: [copied from my G+ page that is] 

“Seeing the works of Leonid Afremov quite moved me to…experiment with palette knives. Unfortunately, due to my less than tidy room (teenagers…ugh!), I couldn’t find my palette knife; So, I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started off! hmm, then there was another problem, I didnt have any canvas free for practicing this new technique, but I did find a few old CD Covers that I had left aside for something creative. So, I painted on them; With a knife! (and turpentine/(kerosene?) oil, a box of oil colors, and some newspapers so that my dining table wouldn’t get all splattered with oils paints )..

So this is the first painting with this technique; its my first experimentation with knife art. Stay tuned for more!”

So yeah, that pretty much sums this post up. Sorry I copied the details from my G+ page , as, it would to awfully boring to write all that again… And what did I learn form making this paintng? ==> Dark Green is awesome for reflections!

Before I say Ciao for now, here’s another pic of it..Enjoy!


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