Watercolors and Moon-light

These artworks by emperpep ( http://emperpep.deviantart.com/ ), an anime/manga artist on dA are certainly more than worth a look. The artist’s  art seemed to me like digital art, as it was too detailed and vibrant. Oil paints are often soft and yellowish, and with water-paints, I have little experience. So, now i see that water-paints can be used to create paintings that preserve the vibrancy and don’t get all dull as oil paintings ( though oil paintings have their advantages too). I can only wonder that how much time it would have taken to create a single piece….  One also, notices that although most of the paintings here  display moon-light scenes, they still are clear as day, and not dark; the details are same as one would do in a daylight scene….


( For BladeNemesis )


( Shiina and Arilyn : Surprise Hug )


( Little Yamanaka for Horo-Horo-Jo )


( Maemi for Yuko-Lee )


One Does Not Simply….Bi-Locate

So here I am again, freshly trolled from deviantArt, and still doesn’t giving one heck of a damn! So here, I want to share with my awesome followers a painting I did…like last Sunday? I don’t know…But here it is; Bi-Location

See these, well? so how are they?



Why Bi-Location? Well bi-Location is a term used in pseudoscience, the act of location one self physically at some physical space… i.e. Making a copy of oneself at some other place…. I found out about this from deviantArt forums, when everyone was discussing about mysterious things as Astral Projection and what not. I thought that this would be an awesome theme for a painting, and it sure was!  

So creating this was more difficult than the last one as the details had to be added by the knife in between the dark ‘fumes’. And it was indeed time consuming, very!  so, here are the closeups: 

ImageImageSo there? Do tell me if you have any ideas for my next painting in the series; im off to making one more right now…. 



And you can find it posted on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/110691827763571631843/posts/gv5GxoyxUec

And on DeviantART at http://zodiarkdarkja.deviantart.com/#/d5bamlc


The Forgotten One..

I’m knife painting again! and this time, I’m doing it differently, and improving on my own technique, I can now quickly make the right consistency of paint (on knife tip) for this kinda of painting:


Looks pretty doesn’t it? Well I made a few more, forming a series which I’ll upload in future blog posts..

So the highlights are here:-


I stumbled on this style by accident, I must say; a few days ago I was feeling quite low and annoyed on something. So I started to paint this quite crudely, didn’t care much about the blending… Well just a little bit blending.. The next day, I noticed: Holy Sh*t, this is fucking amazing! and so here it is….   For full details and critiques, see my Google+ at https://plus.google.com/110691827763571631843