I completed this sketch about a month ago, but totally forgot about uploading it  since I’ve been mostly pre-occupied with making oil paintings.. I even haven’t done digital art in a month..Some how oil painting has just ‘grasped’ me…It just feels so fun to work with them..

So anyways, here is the sketch I did:Image

I’ve titled it as PAPER STORIES. This just came to my head at that time, and seemed intriguing. SO, I started off to create a paper sheet bursting in the middle, as I may have seen some artworks on Pinterest that influenced me to create this. Not a specific piece though. so after creating the sheet, I wanted something more in it, and got the idea to practice a wooden surface as I has never really created a wood texture before.. So after that, I still found it to be too ‘simple’, so I got an idea! Why not make it symbolic?! if you added font to the paper, and made it symbolic then it would totally work out.. So, in here, the paper sheet represents life and the boundary of understanding. the wooden surface represents another layer, and one may not be able to fully understand life beyond this. This is the limit! the fonts represent the states of life/emotion; hence

One can understand life, and its meaning to a limit. Beyond this, one may find nothing..or too much to understand

I posted this on G+ also 🙂

Here are some closeup shots of it, check them out too.. 🙂



One Does Not Simply….Bi-Locate

So here I am again, freshly trolled from deviantArt, and still doesn’t giving one heck of a damn! So here, I want to share with my awesome followers a painting I did…like last Sunday? I don’t know…But here it is; Bi-Location

See these, well? so how are they?



Why Bi-Location? Well bi-Location is a term used in pseudoscience, the act of location one self physically at some physical space… i.e. Making a copy of oneself at some other place…. I found out about this from deviantArt forums, when everyone was discussing about mysterious things as Astral Projection and what not. I thought that this would be an awesome theme for a painting, and it sure was!  

So creating this was more difficult than the last one as the details had to be added by the knife in between the dark ‘fumes’. And it was indeed time consuming, very!  so, here are the closeups: 

ImageImageSo there? Do tell me if you have any ideas for my next painting in the series; im off to making one more right now…. 



And you can find it posted on Google+ at

And on DeviantART at


Swampy Puddle?

Hi all! it’s Sunday, and darn, my eyes are just becoming sore from sitting in front of the computer way too long. So, anyways, here’s a painting that I wanted to share with you. Created on a hard paper; I initially wanted the scene of a watch dropped in a puddle and a reflection of a person staring into it. Just coping with a leaky black paint tube, I ended up darkening the painting too much. So no reflections, sorry. Cuz, what ever color I added to lighten the dark parts, so that I can add reflective properties, the color just merged with black… Darn! 

So here it is, my ‘Master Piece’ -______-


Yup as you can see up there, there’s a watch, in a puddle… Well below is the rest of it:


So yeah, I used light green and white to ‘Save‘ the painting. I should’ve just started creating something else if it wasn’t working out.. But I’m like, once I pick up a brush I finish it… And here’s the result.

It may be too dark, but I do like the slight bluish color in the lower part of the painting. It gives some sort of reflective properties…

That’s all for now. I’ll return with a ‘real’ painting!  (^_^)


Paper is a bad surface for oil painting! A bad bad surface! So absorbent..