What a wonderful feeling this painting gives me; it has made me sleepy just by taking a look at it. Such a beautiful combination between sleep and floating in an ocean. One often feels like this just before sleep, the World starts to sway around you, the brain feels lighter, vision becomes blurred and then finally a quick flash and you’re in a heavenly ocean; resting you head on a comfy pillow and the cool breeze splashing against your skin…….wow!

Vickie Wade Fine Art

“Dream Girls”

original oil painting  sold

A Commission for Biana.

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Coffee vs Tea…

So which one is it guys/gals, Coffee or Tea? That is, what do you love to start you day with and lose all the morning sleepiness…. 

Well, I’ll start off with what coffee does to me: 



Well, it has literally no effect on me. Nothing. It tastes way better than tea, and is alot more yummy if it has a creamy top. But, man, I sometimes even get more sleepy and my head hurts if I drink coffee; and that’s just the normal coffee. Having dark coffee would just blow my brains out…


Now  About  Tea:



Oh tea, Oh my my…. Tea makes me more sleepy than active. And man, does it’s after-taste still remains for like a hour or so…. Unlike coffee, I can drink one after another, but it makes me sleepy and hot. Not hot! in that way, but makes my insides very warm especially in summer. And this sucks…alot!


So what works out best for me? well, cold coffee…and cold coffee! it tastes way better than milk-shakes and hot tea or coffee! and the creamy ones are just out of this world! 



So what works out for  you?


Tired and Sleepy!

Yawn Yawn

Im soo sleepy right now. Yesterday night (or today… O..o), I slept at about 5am. Yeah, thats pretty late. I didnt want to sleep- early. So, I spent the night playing League of Legends with my classmates..Image

Really! Just die n00bs so that I can sleep! 

And then, browsed the paranormal page of About.com, till I started to see some really scary shit   stuff around me..


Oh Dear! Did I just hear a purr- What the F**–!

So, (another yawn,) Im very sleepy….And the world just seems to be …moving around me…


Point to Ponder Samurai Jack= Professor Utonium ?!  (not that I watch these shows now..but the resemblance is… incredible!)

[the above images are not mine, they are from mmosite.com/news and leaguememe.com respectively, Plz don’t sue me!]