Anglerfish are Creepy – II

Anglerfish are Creepy - II

Yup, just made it now, and sharing it everywhere. Making more and more people soil their pants ( most probably) and making for them difficult to sleep at night.
Here’s whats actually an element to put in my fan-art of Fizz from League of Legends. But it really does look good as an artwork on it’s own.

So why the ‘ II ‘; this is actually the second one I made, the first one I shall be sharing soon. Like ‘today’ soon…
Do checkup on my blog later for more artsy stuff //

Splashes of Music…

Good Morning everyone! ūüôā . I feel very fresh this morning as there was heavy rainfall almost all the night, and the cloudy, watery weather just splashes one with energy. I have taken some photos of the scenery too, and will make a new header for my blog today.. ūüôā


So, Splashes of Music. The way that music affects sometimes¬†indescribable¬†and difficult to display on a canvas or ‘encode’ the same feelings in a photograph. ¬†So, I was naturally, very joyed to see this photograph by¬†oO-Rein-Oo¬†on deviantART (¬†¬†)..

Here, Dive Into Music


See how the dark¬†cassette¬†contrasts with the teal water. The effect is that they both compliment each other, and give an effect of music ‘splashing’ on your faces.. Feel it? I do!


His other photographs are very very vibrant too, and have somewhat similar effect on us.. Here are some:


Cold Emotions

Browsing through¬†deviantART¬†i stumbled on these¬†digital¬†paintings by¬†sanguisGelidus¬†(¬†¬†). There is an element of coolness in all of this paintings. the recently uploaded painting, titled ‘ the deep is mine’ and one called ‘Cold Stare’ show the most visible icy-ness. This cold feeling is not in a dark or evil sense, no, not at all;¬†in fact¬†they give a sense of being slick and modernism to his artworks.

The Deep is Mine 


( )

Cold Stare


( )

Browsing his gallery feels—-refreshing; as one feels colder and feels a cooling breeze as one analysis the images one by one.

Traditional artists turning to digital painting often say that digital art feels artificial and ‘plastic like’, but one doesn’t see that here, although there is no softness of¬†traditional¬†art here; the artist has¬†given a¬†unique- quality of his own, given only in¬†Digital¬†Art…

Another Bird in the Water

Hello there, sorry I¬†didn’t¬†see you there before; but¬†since¬†you’re hi! i’ll check out your blog too! ¬†,¬†and¬†yes! thanks for checking out this post…

So well…Another Bird in the water eh? Is it a painting? Well yeah! Yes it is!¬†




So how is it? nice? awesome? so-so? or just plain ol’e mediocre? As RayWilliamJohnson would say:-Give your comments Below

As I mentioned on my Google+ Page that now I look back, I wish i had named it¬†something¬†more attractive than just ‘Second Bird Painting’; the title kinda sucks cuz I named it lazily.. Darn!




 And the painted-by-knife Sky:



You can see the other close-ups here


Ciao! for now…and see you all l8r today….bye..

The Waves

So, as you previously know that I had been practicing the art of foamy water and waves. If you haven’t seen that last one, just scroll abit down and BAM! the previoous post!¬†( ^_^ ) Anyways, here’s my latest one:-¬†Image

And here are the close-ups of the awesome parts:- Image

And another one:- 


So there, I took me like…2+ hours to make this, mostly as I was abit slow and lazy that day¬† ¬†So I hope that you;ll like this one… ūüôā¬†

If you wanna know more, then here are the details as posted on my Google+ page

Created it for practicing foams and ‘wave structures’. To get an understanding of ‘waves’ I searched images for foamy waves on Google Image Search. Though, no image was used for tracing, or blended into this painting. ¬†And no specific image is referenced. ¬†So, how does it look? And what could improve it? ¬†

Practicing the Foams!

Hello all! ^_^ …

Yesterday, I saw this amazing artwork by an amazing artist on Google+. I noticed that she had painted the ‘foam’ in a waterscape scene, a bright color of red/orange instead of white. To me (someone who paints highlights as white), her method seemed to give a more realistic feel to the image. So I began experimenting with waterscape scenes, painting the foam as white and not-white. ¬†So below is the first and only¬† image I have created. ¬†It’s done digitally on SAI. And does not use any textures or images overlay-ed!¬†


So…check this out, and give me your feedback! ¬†(^+^)¬†

The Calming Waves

Hello, Im back after quite some time as the last few days were…unexpected and very hectic….So, now that im a bit free, so here’s an artwork of mine that I wanted to share with YOU!¬†


Titled¬†The Beach, I made this one….like in February or something. This was the first time that I had practiced with the ‘sparkle’ effect in water (what ever it’s really called)…. So it’s not 100% accurate, but hehe is guess it’s okay for a start…Isn’t it?

So here are the details (from my Shadowness Page), as it had been on Shadowness for quite some time…..

Yay! Third in the series of impressionist waterscapes… :smile

^ Yes that is all! 


I dont know what else to write ¬† I ma n00b at wrting long posts…¬† ¬†Oh well/¬†

So, Ciao!