Impossible and Unimaginable Colors…

Tempted by the thought that birds have more cones in their eyes than us, so they may be seeing colors that we cannot even process; so I flipped out my iPod and started a search to find some mention of these impossible colors, and I found a great article on Wikipedia  and some interesting posts on forums.

Before saying more, I want to mention an important and interesting tidbit; one of these impossible colors is this:

Image )

Yes, PINK!; when we add red and white, pink seems to be formed but the brain processes it as a combination of red and blue/violet. This snap from adds detail as:

When you take the line of colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet – It doesn’t make a complete circle. There’s a gap where infra red and ultra violet fall – Colors that our eyes can’t see.  Do you understand the problem?  The point where red and violet mix, creating our beloved pink, CANNOT BE SEEN! They don’t overlap!

So, moving on to the colors that the brain could not process in normal conditions . But there is a way to see some of them ( though everyone may not see these, but worth a try..:) )

Combine red and green and one gets the result as murky brown. But, red and green also combine to form a new color. Color that is both red and green at the same time ( not easy to explain though..)

And combine blue and yellow, and instead of green there is also a seemingly unimaginable color that is both blue and yellow at the same time..!

Some may see these colors by crossing their eyes and stare at the crosses, so that they lie on top of each other; the resultant may be the impossible color ( only some may see it, others may only see a shimmer- unfortunately i just saw yellow shimmering on blue.. 😦 ).

[People with Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy, PLEASE DONT TRY THIS]


[People with Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy, PLEASE DONT TRY THIS]

Seems kinda cool doesn’t it! Though, having only three cones makes creating Art


Holy Crap RAY! And Lollipop Chainsaw?!

Yeah, watched this recent video of RWJ (RayWilliamJohnson) and man, was this his best video ever or not…..something that has Fenton, Cheeze-Burger and Sponge-Bob(ble) in one video is awesome or what!

So What (the heck) am I talking about? Well this! 

I wonder why he titles it as [Hi Norway]

Any wh^$# way, browsing the Machinima channel led me to this:- 

Well, this is kinda new (and weird) as, it is both very bloody and gory and sparkly and flower-y ..Well, this IS a unique combination….. But, I bet hardcore gamers wont probably play this….. (Or will ( ̄ー ̄))

PS. I’ll share something new tomorrow…… Impressionism ….