Gone Vector!

And now, I have gone vector.


In my endless experimentation of Art, I am unable to come to a stop.

To become stagnant; embrace only a facet of this ‘Art’?

From Impressionism to Expressionism. Realism to Abstract – all while torn between traditional Art and the Digital side.
so, what have I – what have I come across now?  I have gone VECTOR!

Starting with a Vector portrait of a friend of mine – Fahad.
^ This guy, had been urging me to make a vector portrait for quite some time of him. I had remained uninterested – not fascinated by the Vector side.  i had my reasons, for I do not feel the sense of belonging to a digital work as one would have with a hand painted traditional one.
– A single, original canvas which had been witness to the artist’s brush and fingertips does not exist – just a sequence of binary code – a series of pulses. Nothing more.

But we do have to be practical, experimentation has it’s fun and digital art does sell.  The ‘public’ shows greater interest in their portrait and that- that ‘FanArt’ rather than an original artwork! They need artwork that can be replicated, printed on shirts, cropped to a thumbnail to be set as a ‘profile image’ –

And hence, the Vector Portrait of Fahad Goraya.

It’s Blog sharing Time

The Rouge Students



In my search of Art on the internet. I stumbled on something quite different. Art does not drive that blog, but literature.

Yes, this seems to be getting abit off-topic here, but don’t doze-off my fellows. As you would not be bored, especially those who are somewhat local to my area.
So, you’re there now? Yes?  For a mix of subjects. Many of the posts initially being related to the latest Pakistani Election and the state of voting system. Aside from politics, there is philosophy. Question and Curiosity – surely question the present.
Created by a friend of mine, Xain Shah, who is quite talented in what he does; one will certainly find more and more posts there that encourages critical thought process.


Oh! And since my Exams are over, I shall share loads and loads of Art.