Got into Computer Science! and abit busy…. o_o

So finally this weekend I’ve stayed up long enough to login to WordPress and write something worthwhile..,, Really, I being a day scholar just couldnt set a timetable for last few weeks and just came home and collapsed on the bed everyday……..

then there’s a present YouTube ban in the country  that is affecting all other Google services, so cant access my pals on Google= too… 😦  ..seems really weird and different to me……

So, i just tried DailyMotion and was surprised to see that its somewhat faster than you-tube ..perhaps the servers are nearer to me or less ‘loaded’ … Here’s what im watching right now…enjoy… 🙂


(≧∇≦)/ Just Empty Streets….

Tell me you have heard this!

Just Amazing! There’s also a ‘fanvideo’ of it whose video goes great with the song…It shows the roads of Japan…. here  


Holy Crap RAY! And Lollipop Chainsaw?!

Yeah, watched this recent video of RWJ (RayWilliamJohnson) and man, was this his best video ever or not…..something that has Fenton, Cheeze-Burger and Sponge-Bob(ble) in one video is awesome or what!

So What (the heck) am I talking about? Well this! 

I wonder why he titles it as [Hi Norway]

Any wh^$# way, browsing the Machinima channel led me to this:- 

Well, this is kinda new (and weird) as, it is both very bloody and gory and sparkly and flower-y ..Well, this IS a unique combination….. But, I bet hardcore gamers wont probably play this….. (Or will ( ̄ー ̄))

PS. I’ll share something new tomorrow…… Impressionism ….